Area Rug Stain Protection
You take pride in the appearance of your valued area rugs! After all, they say a lot about you. Your area rugs are a crucial part of your indoor space and its color, style, condition and cleanliness reflect upon you as an individual. Let Bear Oriental Rug’s area rug protectants help you maintain the beauty of your area rugs.

Bear Oriental Rug’s rug protectants provide more resistance to soils, spots, and stains than any other protectant on the market, providing you with the following benefits:

Increased vacuuming efficiency for greater soil removal.

The ability to remove common household stains. Any fabric type; wool, silk, cotton, and synthetics, that are unprotected can absorb spills so quickly that even your best efforts to remove them are fruitless. Area rug protectants create an invisible barrier that helps keep stains from becoming a permanent part of the area rug.

A quality protectant can extend the life of your rug by shielding it from the abrasion of dry soil and help it retain a more attractive appearance longer when professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Your oriental and area rugs are not just art treasures. They are also very valuable investments. That's why we clean them with so much care and attention to detail.

Utilizing the basic elements of air and water, we customize the cleaning process for the needs of each individual rug. With patented tools and equipment designed specifically for the cleaning of oriental rugs, we provide a thorough and effective, yet gentle, cleaning process. Depending on the particular fibers, dyes, soils, and construction of the rug, we'll draw from the cleaning techniques described below.

We clean all types of rugs including:
Antique Rugs • Chinese Oriental • Braided • Dhurrie • Kelim
Hooked Rugs • Flokati • Soumac • Persian Rugs • Woven or Tufted Rugs
Stain Removal
Unsightly spotting and staining that are frequently seen in carpets do not come out very easily.
Spots and stains that are frequently seen in area rugs do not come out very easily.

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